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Launch of Choice Initiative To Recruit Students To Public Schools

Thursday, April 4, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Professional Educators of Tennessee
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As Tennessee policymakers discuss the issue of school choice, Professional Educators of Tennessee is launching a positive, pro-public education initiative to make sure that public education is viewed as a significant part of the choice that parents will make for their children.  “Today, we are excited to announce a new initiative by Professional Educators of Tennessee ( to help make public education THE CHOICE for those who want the best educational opportunities for their children,” Executive Director J.C. Bowman said as he announced the effort.


For too long our local public schools have faced an onslaught of challenges, criticism and funding shortfalls. Worst of all, our daily success stories have been lost in the noise of too much news and too little information,” Bowman noted. “Our public schools are the best choice for the majority of the children in our state and it is time for us to take control of the narrative and tell our own story — because it is a good story to tell.” 


Bowman indicated that the initiative has three components:

  1. RECRUIT students back to our schools by highlighting our successes and achievements at the local level;
  2. RESTORE confidence in our public education system by actively engaging students, parents, educators and influential stakeholders in our communities to help share our stories;
  3. RECAPTURE the enthusiasm and momentum necessary to regain the credibility and status that our public schools and our educators once depended upon as a vital part of strong, safe and viable communities.


The best and brightest students in our communities should know that our public education system will work for them. The underserved and poor in our communities should know that our public education system can work for them. EVERY parent in our communities should know that they have a role in making sure our public education system works for their children,” Bowman added. “While our teachers will continue to provide instruction in the ‘Three Rs’ — Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic — this initiative will add ‘Three More Rs — Recruit, Restore and Recapture.”


Our “MAKE THE CHOICE” initiative will focus on three targets to grow the public education population in each of Tennessee’s 143 school districts:


  • KEEP WHAT WE HAVE. We need to make sure that our existing student base feels that they are where they should be and making progress towards their educational goals;
  • GROW WHAT WE HAVE. We should ensure that the siblings of the students in schools will choose public education as well. Our best sales teams should be those inside our systems.
  • GET SOME MORE. Students who have left our schools thinking the grass is greener somewhere else should be welcomed back. And with many of our communities in Tennessee growing rapidly, we should communicate that the best choice as “school choice" is our public education system in terms of both cost and quality.


It’s time we went on the offensive rather than continuing to play defense,” Bowman said. “That’s why we are all in for public education and working with parents, community leaders, School Superintendents, School Boards and educators to INCREASE public school enrollment across the state!” 





JC Bowman is the Executive Director of Professional Educators of Tennessee, a non-partisan teacher association headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is hereby granted, provided that the author and the association are properly cited. For more information on this subject or any education issue please contact Professional Educators of Tennessee. To schedule an interview please call 1-800-471-4867 ext.102.

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