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Partnership with The 917 Society
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"We recognize the immense need to make certain the torch of freedom is passed from this generation to the next and are excited to announce our partnership with The 917 Society to accomplish this ambitious task.”

~JC Bowman, Executive Director


The 917 Society has a mission to impress upon students the relevance and practicality gained through an understanding of the U.S. Constitution and provides 8th graders across Tennessee a copy of the U.S. Constitution. “We are excited to be able to provide this program to our Tennessee teachers,” according to Joni Bryan executive director of The 917 Society.



The next printing of the US Constitution will begin in January with a planned ship date of Jan. 29th so that teachers can use them for a Presidents Day lesson or whenever it is appropriate in their lesson plans for the 2nd semester. The 917 Society will host a Patriotic Fundraising Event in April in Franklin (details forthcoming) to provide the program to your next group of 8th grade students for Constitution Day September 17th 2018. Constitution Day is mandated through Public Law 108-447 in Tennessee. 


The 917 Society website also has a resource page for lesson plans that are free from different sources, and any of the videos from their sponsors can be used freely. They are developing new films, a phone App and other resource and are seeking volunteers for a teacher advisory board to help with the development if interested.


To get your free Pocket Constitutions, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page or email the following information to

Teacher Name:
School District:

School Name:


Email Address:

Total # of 8th Grade Students in the School:




They receive no state or federal funds. Donations can be made online at and you can become a member of The 917 Society for a $25 yearly donation and be listed on the website. These individuals, corporations and foundations have contributed since October 1st and helped provide this program for our teachers and students:

  • Beaman Foundation 
  • Freeman Webb Companies
  • Senator Mark Green M.D.
  • Dr. Ming Wang 
  • The Tennessean
  • David Plazas
  • Professional Educators of Tennessee
  • Cathy Kolb
  • Nick Clooney
  • Mayor Karl Dean
  • Tommy Vallejos
  • Patricia Santiago
  • Rural Tennessee Speaks PAC
  • Senator Mae Beavers
  • Senator Kerry Roberts
  • Representative Joe Pitts
  • Representative Jay Reedy
  • Representative Terri Lynn Weaver 
  • Signs First
  • Giarratana LLC
  • Pamela Needham Davis
  • Beth Gunter Fenley 
  • Harvey Durham
  • Ed and Joni Schmidt Hargrove
  • TFA of Stewart, Benton and Camden Co.
  • Cindi O’Neal 
  • The Polk Foundation
  • Fox Channel
  • Dennis Ferrier
  • The Tennessee Star
  • Michael Patrick Leahy
  • Wendy Wilson
  • AJ McCall
  • Jim and Jane Poe
  • Dean Wegner
  • Sharalena and Lora MIller
  • James Bridges 
  • Ronald Rathert
  • Jason Knight
  • Jim Born
  • Dave Vance


Order Your 917 Society Pocket Constitutions:


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