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About Us - Code of Ethics
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Code of Professional Ethics


We believe our first obligation is to the students entrusted to our care. 

We believe the purpose of education is to develop each individual for his or her fullest participation in the American democratic society, to pursue truth and to seek excellence. We will accept the responsibility of taking the initiative to eliminate all barriers that prevent full access to this unique education for all.



We believe academic freedom is inherent in, and essential to, the teaching profession.

We believe that for students to learn, teachers must be free to teach.

We believe every educator should have a broad general education, a depth of preparation in special areas and a mastery of knowledge & skills.

We believe an educator should be endowed with a thorough understanding of professional ethics, should possess a zeal for continuous self-improvement and should be imbued with a sense of moral and professional responsibility.



We believe every educator has a right and a responsibility to be an informed and active citizen.

We believe that if school is to relate to the students, teachers must understand the community and the home environment of all students. 

We believe free public education is an integral part of the community it serves, and we encourage the development of educational opportunities for all. 

We believe the continuation of our free nation and its strength and well-being are dependent on free public education.


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