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Leader U 2018 Sessions
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Keynote: Eating Kryptonite for Breakfast: Developing a Champion Mindset for Students

Student perceptions about school haven’t changed much in the last three decades. As we strive to improve schools and enhance academic achievement, we often forget about the learner.  If we transform learning, but not the learner, then we are missing the mark.  A key component of an effective school is demonstrated by its ability to improve self-efficacy for students. This power-packed presentation provides participants with an in-depth understanding about the link between cognition and academic confidence for young learners.   

Speaker: Dr. Ronald Woodard (Assistant Superintendent of Instruction for Maury County Schools)

Blended Learning: Lessons from the Field

In this session, we will look at the various models of blended learning, the most important elements necessary to make blended learning successful, and where we think blended learning is heading in the near future. You do not have to be a tech savvy teacher to glean helpful insights from this session. There are as many ways to blend learning in your classroom as there are classrooms.

Speaker: Tim Childers (Knox County Schools)

Bridging Gaps/Cultivating Curiosity

This session will explore ways to close the learning gap while stimulating curiosity in students via the use of Edmodo.  We will examine Edmodo, a learning management system, more closely and offer a variety of ways it can be used successfully in any classroom setting. More importantly, we will explore ways to get students collaborating, becoming more engaged, and asking the right questions to lead them to effective solutions.

Speaker: Sharon Clark (Haywood County Schools)

DIPLOMA: Digital Integration Plan for Learning on Mobile and Accessibility 

In a district with high poverty and more than half of its students receiving EL services, a number of gaps are Learn how Maury County Schools is embedding technology into daily instruction by allowing all students in grades 3-12 to be issued and allowed to take district provided technology back and forth between home and school while K-2 students will utilize technology in the classroom.  Learn to create a culture where teachers utilize district and school based professional development where the priority investment is in digital tools and training for teachers.  When teachers, students, grade level, departments or building are ready, and they can demonstrate proficiency, they are designated DIPLOMA Ready!

Speaker: Dr. John Carver (Maury County Schools)

Fit Leaders – From Surviving to Thriving

Leadership at any level can be physically, mentally and emotionally taxing. The reality is, school leaders – including teachers – are under more stress and pressure than any other point in history. The effects of this pressure are causing countless educators to abandon the profession for good. The Fit Leaders movement is designed to empower school leaders in order to maximize our health and general well-being in order to create the best version of ourselves so that we can lead the greatest amount of people!

Speaker: Dr. Ryan Jackson (Maury County Schools)

Organized Chaos

Organized Chaos refers to adopting teaching principles that insists on putting students learning first even when it does not fit the “norm” they are used to in the classroom-lesson delivered to standing classroom, break up long periods of sitting with frequent breaks, students engaged in a lively spontaneous discussion (even if they interrupt each other), teachers adopting multiple assessments and different ways of assessing scattered throughout the lesson in a day, students taking a larger role in the learning and teaching process, teachers leaving the students curious by choosing never to answer some questions or giving impossible task and possibly never resolving them.

Speaker: Dr. Chikezie O. Madu (Shelby County Schools)

PBL (Project Based Learning) for All 

Project and problem-based learning can help bring real-world content into our classrooms. But, does it work for every subject and grade level? 7th grade teacher Mary-Owen Holmes shares how PBL has revolutionized her teaching and revitalized learning for her students. 

Speaker: Mary-Owen Holmes (Maury County Schools)

Teaching Financial Literacy

Become a financial education champion for your students, your school and your state. As an educator, you know the value a quality education can make in the life of a child. Join us for this 90 minute session to learn about free resources, offered by the Tennessee Treasury Department, to help you incorporate financial education in your classroom and improve your own financial wellness. In this session, we’ll cover ways to integrate financial concepts through fun, experiential learning as well as other Treasury programs that you can personally take advantage of to help put your financial future on solid ground. 

Speaker: Bill Parker (Director of the Tennessee Financial Literacy Commission)

TEAM Evaluations: What We've Learned So Far

This session will concentrate on the process of TEAM evaluations from pre-conference to post-conference as well as how the process has changed over time. What are the lessons learned? What is working? What could be improved? Whether you are just starting out or are an experienced teacher, you will find information here that will help your practice of teaching. 

Speaker: Tim Childers (Knox County Schools)

Tech Tools in the Early Elementary Classrooms

Jason and Natalie Beach will show ways to implement pedagogy and technology to pre-service teachers, in-service teachers, and administrators. You will be able to check out some of the best free and affordable tools to personalize learning for young students. After a quick overview, you will be able to try them out for yourself!

Speaker: Jason and Natalie Beach (Tennessee Tech/Putnam County Schools)

The Effects of Bullying on Learning 

Participants will engage in an interactive session that will enable them to understand why bullying is so destructive to learning and what can be done to end bullying. 

Speaker: Dr. Lynn Seifert (No Bully as a Partnership Manasger for ESPN )

The Engaging Classroom

Teachers work hard. Students should work harder! Participants will learn specific strategies to help engage students in thinking about content and learning new concepts. When our students are engaged in the classroom, learning is meaningful, memorable, and fun!

Speaker: Cicely Woodard (Metro-Nashville Public Schools)

Top 10 Things an IEP Team Member Should Know

This session will provide attendees with knowledge regarding the true spirit in which IDEA & TCA were written regarding IEP development & implementation.  Attendees will feel empowered to meaningfully participate in IEP Team meetings.  An IEP is the first & most important step to increasing & improving achievement with Students with Disabilities.  We will take deeper dives into accommodations & modifications and differentiation techniques.

Speaker: Dr. Lisa Ventura (Director of Special Populations in Maury County Public Schools)

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