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Leader U 2020 Sessions
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Choose from 4 classes for each session. All classes will be recorded and available for credit on the Leader U Learning Portal after the conference.


Dr. Sidney McPhee


MTSU President, Dr. Sidney McPhee - Envisioning the Future of Education in a Post-COVID19 Environment



Cell Phone Wars

There is no question that cell phones have taken over the world. Students, teachers, children, and parents alike all seem to have one glued to their hand 24/7. In this session, we'll look at what works and what doesn't work in trying to break the cell phone stranglehold that holds many classrooms hostage to a continual online world. 

Speaker: Tim Childers (Knox County Schools)

How Technology Impacts What We Teach

One of the biggest hurdles in education is the rate at which technology changes. Once teachers become comfortable with a tool, a new one comes out. How can we keep up? Join me in this session and learn how to filter through all the software, connected toys, and hardware, to ultimately impact teaching and learning with the most effort tools. 

Speaker: Dr. Katrina Adkins (Education Technology Consultant)

Legal Authority for Student Discipline

This session will discuss the legal authority and foundations for student discipline. It will also cover some of the current issues school officials are facing that disrupt the educational environment and pose safety risks to students and staff.

Speaker: Christy Ballard (TDOE General Counsel)

STEM with Early Ed: Would You Hire a First Grader?

In this session, educators will learn how to integrate a focus on STEM careers into your current curriculum in the elementary classroom.

Speaker: Tamera Crews (Maury County Schools)


Overview of the TDOE Reading Initiative

Leaders from the Tennessee Department of Education will explain the new Reading Initiative.

Speaker: Lisa Coons (TDOE)

Personalized Learning When Your School is not 1:1

Personalized Learning has been the hot button topic for several years now. Many schools have implemented a 1:1 program to offer online learning as part of that personalization. But what about those schools that can't afford to go 1:1? How do we personalize learning for students when access is a problem? Participants in this workshop will walk away with some down-to-earth, workable ideas on how to personalize instruction for various types of students in your classroom.

Speaker: Tim Childers (Knox County Schools)

Speaking On: Schooling and Perceptions

Dr. Clark will offer a frank discussion of where K-12 schools are missing the mark and what can be done to improve the current school culture. 

Speaker: Dr. Charles Clark (Retired, West Tennessee Educator)

Winning the War on Power Struggles

In a conflict riddled world, educators have to know how to strategically avoid power struggles with students, parents, colleagues, administrators and even loved ones.  Winning the War on Power Struggles examines the cause and effect of power struggles and provides participants with specific strategies to reduce and eliminate potential power struggles, which in turns improves efficacy, reduces stresses and restores confidence.

Speaker: Matthew Slight (Clarksville-Montgomery County Schools)


How Student Choice and Voice Plays in Our Digital World

Testing! Testing! Check 1! Check 2! Sit back, relax, and take an Inspirational journey through time to explore the evolution of student voice and choice. Learn how to “reprogram” the culture of your classroom and school to embrace student voice. Become energized and motivated to take the leap and pass the mic to your students.

Speaker: Dr. Katrina Adkins (Education Technology Consultant)

Intellectually Gifted: Writing Individual Education Plans (IEPs) for Gifted Students

This session explores best practices of developing an intellectually gifted IEP. Across the state, districts have struggled with developing instructionally sound IEPs for gifted learners. This session will explore what to include within a gifted IEP such as present levels of performance, goals, and researched based accommodations and modifications. Participants will complete two case studies, where participants will review a gifted evaluation and determine what PLEPs to include as well as goals and accommodations/modifications to recommend to the IEP team.

Speaker: April Ebbinger (Metro-Nashville Schools)

RTI: Building The Pyramid, Structuring Interventions for ALL Students

This session will discuss the key components of a multi-tiered system of supports in your building.  An effective RTI program paired with collaborative teams of teachers will yield tremendous student growth academically, behaviorally, and socially. This session will also have you participating in case studies you have faced as practitioners in your buildings

Speaker: Mark Gullion (Rutherford County Schools)

Turnaround Principles for the Turnaround Principal

This session is geared for the K-8th educator, including but not limited to classroom teachers, coaches, and instructional leaders. This session is a high energy and interactive session meant for the educator looking for tangible and practical strategies to turn around an underperforming school. In the face of adversity; the session's facilitator; has been a part of multiple turn-around efforts in rural, suburban, and urban areas (both affluent and poverty stricken/diverse and homogenous) and will provide replicable practices for the practitioner who attends to do the same.

Speaker: Dr. Timothy Drinkwine (Maury County Schools)


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