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Recommended Groupings for TASL Credits

The Online Portal can be used for TASL credit on the TNCompass web portal. Currently there are two OnDemand events available in TNCompass. The first training ended 12/31/2017 and should have been completed in 4, 8 or 12 hour increments and can only be entered once on 1/1/2018 or later.  The second training ends 06/15/2018 and must be completed in 4, 8 or 14 hour increments and can only be entered once on 6/16/2018 or later. When you have completed your desired hours, please email and she will provide you a certificate to be used to enter data into TNCompass.  Per updated TASL guidelines, no TASL event can award more than 14 credit hours per calendar year.  We will continue to add classes and apply for new TASL credits each year.  All completed trainings are tracked within the our Online Portal.


Below are the recommended groupings for sessions.  Please note, several sessions are 2 hours long*.


Close Reading, Extended Writing and Accountable Talk
Reading Across the Content Areas
Socratic Seminar and Reader Response Notebooks
The Power of Persistence: Promoting Motivation, Self-Regulation, and Engagement for Struggling Readers

Dyslexia: Identification, Instruction and Accommodation 2 hrs*
Teaching the Dyslexic Student
Understanding Dyslexia

Understanding How the Brain Moves Students from Passive to Active Learners 2 hrs*
Understanding Metacognition: Thinking About Thinking
Whole Brain Teaching

Creating Blended Learning Environments that Work 2 hrs*
Take Charge of Your Professional Learning
Web Resources for Those "Other" Classes

Copyright and Privacy Issues
Creating and Using eTextbooks
Digital Content and eTextbooks: Keeping Pace in a Paperless World
Teaching Today's Digital Citizen

ACEs: Cultivating Roses in a Garden of Adversity
How the Competitive Teaching Model Raised Engagement and Motivation in an Urban Middle School
Organizing a Rehabilitative In-School Suspension Program
Restorative Justice

Education in the Age of the Underdog
Keeping Hope in Our Schools: Creating a College-Going Culture for At-Risk Youth
Leading in a Culture of Change
Schools Building Relationships Through Community Conversations

Beginning Administrator 101
From Lockers to Cell Phones: Are Your Student Searches in Violation of the 4th Amendment?
Student Discipline in the Cyber Age
Your School's Social Media Presence: Telling Your Own Story

Creating a Culture of Innovation in Schools
Instructional Leadership in an Online Environment
Using Google Classroom: You Can Have a Paperless Classroom
Why Teach Coding?

Building a Successful RTI Program
Effective Professional Learning Communities
How to Simplify Differentiation
Professional Learning Communities that Embrace High Levels of Learning

Exploring a Science Writing Heuristic
Full STEAM Ahead: Adding Art to Your STEM Program
Incorporating STEM Concepts for Special Needs and All Students
Transitioning from a Traditional to an Integrated Math Program

Assistive Technology Basics
Brain-building Across the Gaps
Literacy Strategies for English Language Learners
Supporting Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders

Accessibility: Students with Hearing Loss in the General Education Classroom
Research-based Curriculum for High Achieving Students
Tech Tools for Administrators and All Educators
Why Tennessee Needs More Educators of Color:  Addressing the Mismatch Between Student Diversity and the Teachers Who Serve Them

Do Not Reform.....Transform Your Classroom or School! 2 hrs* (expires 12/31/2017)
Engaging Students: 10 Qualities of Meaningful Work 2 hrs* (expires 12/31/2017)
Classroom Management with Integrity and Self-Control (expires 12/31/2017)
Using Student Data to Guide Instruction (expires 12/31/2017)

edTPA Orientation for Student Teachers and Cooperating Teachers



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